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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PS4 & Xbox One) :

Ready to play more with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst which is exclusively launched on amazon India. The Price of this Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PS4) in India is Rs.3,849.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PS4)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PS4)

This Mirror’s Edge Catalyst available in 2 Versions :

  • Playstation 4 Version is available at the price of Rs.3,849 – Buy Now.
  • Xbox One Version is available at the price of Rs.3,999 – Buy Now.

Highlights of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst :

  • First-Person Action – Get up close with your enemies, use your freedom of movement and martial arts combat in conjunction with the environment to experience fluid first-person action unlike any other.
  • Explore the City of Glass – Glass made skyscrapers to the hidden underground tunnels.
  • Witness the Rise of Faith – Brought up on her own on the margin of the totalitarian society, Faith found refuge amongst an outsider group called the Runners, learn about her origin story and take part in her journey as she stands up against oppression and becomes the catalyst that can change the City of Glass forever.
  • The season pass includes a full year of major expansions and exclusive benefits.

Offers :

Get Free Combat Runner Kit that includes the following:

  • Projection Shader: This is the ‘ghost’ of your character in game. Other players will see your projection shader when taking on challenges such as time trials.
  • Runner Tag: This is the player’s own symbol/emblem and it can be used to showcase the players dominance in the game.
  • Runner Tag Background: This is visible when players hack billboards, thereby removing the conglomerate advertising and posting their own runner tag and background (some backgrounds will be static, others animated).
    The DLC will be sent via email within 10-15 days of purchase.

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