Flipkart Moto G 2nd Gen 4G

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Flipkart Moto G 2nd Gen 4G

Motorola mobility surprising updated moto g 2nd gen mobiles with 4G LTE. The previous version of Moto G2 is came with 3G only. Moto released moto g3 with 4G technology.  Now, with huge demand for  the 4G mobiles, Motorola mobility upgraded moto g2 with 4G connectivity. And also, flipkart slashed the price of moto g2 by another Rs.1,000.


Motorola moto g 2nd generation 4G

Specifications of Moto G 2nd Gen 4G:

All specs of Moto G2 4G is much similar to previous version of  moto G2. The only change in this version is internet connectivity. On this version, you can use 4G enabled SIM card and you can experience the good browsing/ internet speed.

Price of Moto G 2nd Gen 4G on Flipkart

This is really interesting. Flipkart slashed the price of Moto G2 4G by another Rs.1,000. The price is Now Rs.9,999 Rs.8,999. To buy this Moto G 2nd Gen. 4G at flipkart, Click Here

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