Amazon India Coupons for Memory Cards | Upto 70% off & Min. 25% Off

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Amazon Discount Coupons for Memory Cards:

Amazon India having very vast collection of memory cards from the brands like Samsung, SanDisk, Strontium, Transcend, Sony, HP with minimum 25% off & Upto 70% Off. These memory cards having storage capacity like 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB.

For TOP Rated Memory Cards ( By Buyers ), Click Here.

To buy best selling memory cards with minimum 25% off from Amazon India, Click Here.

Top #5 Branded & Best Discounted Memory Cards on Amazon India:

  • Samsung Evo+ 32GB Class 10 micro SDHC Card Upto 80 Mbps speed for Just Rs.878  Click Here.
  • 30% Off on Samsung Evo 16GB Class 10 micro SDHC Card , Click Here.
  • 4% Off on Sandisk 8GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Memory Card, Click Here.
  • 1% Off on Transcend microSDHC10 Premium 32GB Class 10 Memory Card, Click Here.
  • 33% Off on HP Micro SD 16GB class 10 memory card with Adapter with speed upto 95MB/s, Click Here.

Low Price & Branded Memory Cards :

  • 8 GB at Just Rs.410 – Sandisk 8GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Memory Card, Click Here.
  • 16 GB at Just Rs.478 – SanDisk microSDHC Card 16GB Mobile, Click Here.
  • 32 GB at Just Rs.969- SanDisk microSDHC Card 16GB Mobile, Click Here.


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