Amazon India Exclusive Launch STAR WARS : Battlefront

Amazon India Exclusive Launch Star Wars : Battlefront | From 22nd November 

For all star Wars Fan Amazon India has Exclusive Launched Star Wars BattleFront for XBOX ONE & PS4. This product is priced at Rs.3,999. In Star Wars Battlefront Electronic Arts has made sure gamers should feel the authenticity of the original STAR WARS trilogy. EA has used photogrammetry technology which will make the gamers feel and see the original digital replicas of STAR WARS movie models.In this edition you will be able to access and engage in epic battles in iconic planets such as HOTH,ENDOR and TATOOINE. The surprise factor is you will be able to explore planet SULLUST. Gamers will be able to pilot ground based vehicles, AT-AT’s, nimble speeder bikes and more.

Features : 

  • Gamers will get to play as most memorable characters in STAR WARS including Darth Vader
  • C-3PO and R2-D2
  • Piloting Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, TIE Fighters and more
  • Battle with friends Online and Offline in split-screen Co-op mode
  • Seamlessly Swap Between 1st and 3rd Person.

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