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Amazon India APP Treasure Hunt :

On this Christmas Santa comes early with Amazon India. Amazon India offers many products for Rs.1 for every 15 minutes. Amazon India offer products morethan 10k & 20k also for Just Rs.1. Below is the process to find the treasure :

Amazon India APP Treasure Hunt

Amazon India APP Treasure Hunt

  • Understand the clue and Guess the Answer.
  • Find the Product on the Amazon India APP.
  • Go to the Product Page.
  • Claim that Product of Just Rs.1.

Terms & Conditions of Amazon India APP Treasure Hunt :

  • Only available on Amazon India mobile APP.
  • Each Offer & Clue Only Available for 15 Minutes.
  • Not Available on Windows Phone / iPhone.
  • This Special Offer LIVE Between 22nd and 23rd Dec 2015.
  • Deal Hunt only LIVE B/W 8 AM to 8 PM